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In pursuit of the perfect compliment to almost any meal, owner and founder John Stack began tinkering in the kitchen during the summer of 2015 attempting to create a sauce the world had never known.  With a penchant for gustatory delights and a love of peppers, Mr. Stack soon turned his passion into a sweet and spicy creation dubbed “Fuego Dulce”. With recipe set, he began to share his creation with friends and family.  As news spread of this irresistible culinary work, John found himself inundated with requests and thus, a company was born led by the motto: “To stimulate the taste buds as never before and leave contented smiles in the wake.”


We take pride in the region we represent. Born in Louisiana, a hotbed of creole cuisine, Fuego Dulce Sauces adds a Sweet-Fire sensation to an already impressive culinary landscape while utilizing Louisiana resources.

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