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Image by Viktor Forgacs

Award-winning spicy

Louisiana sauces, dips, and salsas


John Stack IV


Fuego Dulce Sweet-Fire Sauces

There is no great mystery as to how I came up with Fuego in the first place – I simply could not find what I wanted: that left it up to me to create it. So I did. As it turned out, a lot of other people liked it  too and that’s how it all started. Almost everything that I have made since the first sauce, salsa, and marinara have been suggestions from the amazing feedback I get from friends and customers. All of you are responsible for all of the products that are available now. If it weren’t for you, Fuego would have never become what it has – you’re awesome; enjoy it all –

Hasta el fuego . . .




"A gustatory delight mingling the nuances of light and dark sugars, paired with a melody of herbs and spices, and finished with hand-picked habañeros for a perfect sweet and savory fusion."
- Testimonial

Can You Take The Heat?

Check out these videos of these brave men and women who have taken the Fuego. The results are often shocking and funny.

Do you have what it takes?

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